Weekly Horoscope: October 11 – 17

October 11, 2021 Off By Randon Rosenbohm

On Wednesday, October 13, Venus connects with Saturn at 3:26 PM. This is a favorable time for making amends and agreements as Libra season makes compromise and peacemaking seem effortless. This aspect emphasizes our ability to collaborate to find stability, and have hope for the future!

The ability to move forward and resolve issues with optimism and faith arrives as the sun harmonizes with lucky Jupiter at 7:46 AM on Friday, October 15. There is better visibility of the greater landscape, helping us take well-informed steps forward. We’ve already made our minds up, anyway!

Even though Mercury retrograde has been delaying our normal programming, it makes space for more introspection. Venus connects with retrograde Mercury on Saturday, October 16, at 9:23 PM and conversations run smoothly. It’s easy or even pleasant to discuss things that you’ve been thinking about.

On Sunday, October 17, the sun clashes with power planet Pluto at 8:12 AM! Some secret information has been realized, and now we have to do something about it to bring it to justice. This is a powerful call to action.

All times ET.


No sign does cuffing season like Aries. This is a time of year when your relationships bring light to your life! The planet of love and beauty, Venus, connects with Saturn, the planet of commitments, helping you see how your beliefs fit in with your long-term goals. You can find a way to communicate your values through your objectives. Venus also connects with Mercury, which helps conversations with partners (romantic or otherwise) run smoothly. You’re able to see which relationships will carry you into the future as the sun harmonizes with Jupiter. Dynamics are changing, though, as the sun clashes with power planet Pluto, revealing any sort of shady behavior and abuses of power.


The beginning of fall has you taking care of business, as Libra season brings your chores to the fore. You’re thinking a lot about intimacy and the ways that you and your partners objectively and materially care for each other as your planetary ruler, Venus, moves through your chart’s house of shared resources. Venus connects with Saturn, the planet of commitments, helping you create some stability in your financial life and career. Venus also connects with retrograde Mercury, encouraging you to make changes or adjustments based on the chores, work, and health issues that you’ve been thinking about over the course of Mercury retrograde.


Things that you used to value about your relationships are coming back around as Venus, the planet of love and values, moves through your partnerships sector. You’ve grown a lot since the last time this has happened. Venus connects with Saturn, strengthening your argument and encouraging you to create a solid foundation that both you and your partners (romantic and otherwise) can get behind. Mercury retrograde has found you more introspective about your friendships, relationships, and even creative practice. Venus connects with retrograde Mercury, and you’re finding more inspiration to collaborate and bring these ideas to reality through your partnerships. This can be creative collaboration, or a harmonious way to relieve your love life woes.


Libra season is an incredibly restful and domestic time for Cancer. With Venus in your chart’s house of lifestyle, you’re getting pleasure from your daily routines and habits. Chores are enjoyable. As Venus connects with Saturn, there is something pleasurable about duty and responsibility, especially when it’s a collaborative effort. There is an ability to come together with your colleagues or family to make some changes that have been thoughtfully considered. Venus also connects with retrograde Mercury, bringing up a lot of nostalgia and old stories about old jobs and old faces. The sun clashes with power planet Pluto, revealing the secrets, habits, and obsessions of your partners.


Libra season has you hitting the town, making phone calls and running errands. With Venus, the planet of love and beauty, in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, you’re getting excited about things that you used to. Whether it’s old flames, old creative projects, or missed connections, you’re ready to dive back in again—and this time it’s serious, since Venus makes a harmonious connection with Saturn, the planet of commitments. Now that you know what brings you pleasure, you’re ready to lock it in! Your planetary ruler, the sun, harmonizes with lucky Jupiter, bringing a lot of optimism about your relationships. You can fully trust in others now that you know where your head is. There’s deep mental focus on your tasks and work as the sun clashes with Pluto, pushing you to the limit!


Libra season is a time for shopping and appreciating cute stuff. With your planetary ruler Mercury retrograde in Libra, you’re able to reconsider things that you used to not be into, or find new life and new homes for your prized possessions. Lost items can come back, or you find yourself feeling sentimental about things that have disappeared, as Venus moves through a private sector of your chart. Venus connects with Saturn, encouraging you to find more security both in your relationships and material life. Venus creates a harmonious connection to Mercury as well, helping you consider the true value of your possessions.


You’ve got a lot on your plate, Libra. Not only is it your birthday, but you have a ton of errands to run and calls to make. As your planetary ruler Venus makes a positive aspect to Saturn, the planet of commitments, make sure you’re making space for pleasure. You can always say “I’m busy,” with grace. Harness positive thoughts as Venus connects with Mercury—a helpful sky to have a conversation about everything you’ve been thinking about. There’s a strengthened sense of sexual identity and creative force as the sun harmonizes with lucky Jupiter. This is a fun time, but you’re digging up some dirt, too. The sun clashes with power planet Pluto, revealing shadows and fixations from the past.


You’re even more incognito than usual. Libra season activates a secretive and tucked away sector of your chart, putting you in the shadows where you can lurk comfortably. You’re dealing with some things that not everyone sees on first glance—but you don’t owe anyone an explanation, either. Love planet Venus connects with Saturn, the planet of rules, guiding you toward collaborative progress with things around the house. Your home life has been a little chaotic, but now you’re able to bring peace and harmony into the madness. The sun clashes with your modern planetary ruler Pluto, which can irritate some conspiratorial thinking and worries. The only way for a secret to not have power anymore is to make it known! There has to be someone you can trust with this information.


The planet of love and relationships, Venus, is currently in your sign, bringing harmony your way! Venus connects with serious Saturn, helping you add some sweetness to any difficult conversations. You can find that you’re able to get whatever you want out of long-term agreements. It’s a good time to ask for things that are heavy or major. Venus connects with retrograde Mercury, too, helping you get a better understanding of your objectives, which is something you’ve been daydreaming about this retrograde. The sun harmonizes with your planetary ruler Jupiter, providing a burst of optimism as you push forward with your goals, or at least big conversations about them!


Libra season has you at the top of your game, or you’re being asked to perform, as the sun illuminates your chart’s house of career. With the planet of love and beauty in a secretive and hidden sector of your chart, you’re figuring out what you want by thinking of your desires from a place of privacy. Venus connects with your planetary ruler Saturn, helping you invest in your desires and consider the shelf life and end goals of relationships. Venus connects with Mercury, the planet of communication, helping you talk about deep things that you’ve been reflecting on. This gives you a better understanding of your wants and values. You may find that you’re ready for a big change as the sun clashes with Pluto, the planet of transformation.


There are some things you left behind in your winter coats that you’re recovering—old ideas and sentimental items that remind you of dreams that you once had, as Venus moves through Sagittarius. You can harness a lot of self-discipline and focus as Venus connects with Saturn, your planetary ruler, helping you find pleasure in your tasks. It’s especially pleasant when you have a friend to join! Libra season brings you outside of your normal roaming grounds. As the sun harmonizes with Jupiter, you’re able to move forward with all that you’ve learned from your travels and education. You’re so continental! You don’t even need to leave your own bedroom to be worldly, thanks to science.


Libra season is a time year when your relationships get a little more intimate as you learn who you can—and can’t—depend on! Are you always footing the bill, and is it justified?  Pisces is a sign that will help anyone in need, but now you’re seeing how things are reciprocated. This can be bitter or sweet. The sun harmonizes with your planetary ruler Jupiter, cluing you into undercurrents and moving you forward with all that you’ve gathered. It’s a highly intuitive moment. Pisces is the master of leaving without anyone noticing, but we don’t need a ghosting moment. Tough topics are softened as sweet Venus connects with retrograde Mercury, encouraging you to feel positive about all that you’ve been ruminating over.

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