The Best Weed Gifts for Your Stoner Pals

The Best Weed Gifts for Your Stoner Pals

November 27, 2020 Off By Munchies Staff

Stoners seem to be faring pretty well in 2020, since the majority of the year has necessitated sitting around our houses eating delivery pad see ew for the 3rd time this month and binge-watching the most brain-meltingly insipid streaming series we can find. With recreational cannabis use legal in more and more places with each passing election cycle, it’s a good time to upgrade your paraphernalia and accessories—and those of your friends. Great news on that front: weed stuff has gotten really inventive, and so much better looking than the rainbow blown-glass pipes we used to hide in a hollowed-out book in college. Whether you’re looking for a classy lighter case or a sweet high-end pipe, you need venture no further than our gift guide.

Mister Green ceramic ashtray


There's nothing wrong with the stolen hotel ashtray that you've been using since hotel ashtrays were a thing, but maybe it's time to use irony sparingly, yeah? This Mr. Green green-and-gold ceramic job is a guaranteed statement piece, and the statement won't be 'I stayed in a Hampton Inn one time.'

$69.99, at Mister Green.

Tim Iahan black light poster


Black light posters have been around for more than 50 years, and there's a reason they're still classics. This crisp print from Tim Lahan keeps the vibe going, without looking like a hand-me-down from your stepdad.

$45 (on sale), at Summerland.

High&dry dry mouth lozenges

dry mouth lozenges-2.jpg

There's literally nothing worse than post-smoke dry mouth, but one of these sugar-free, gluten-free Mouthwatering Lozenges from Tokyo Smoke will take care of that, before you even have time to get heated about that “literally” we threw in there.

$10 CAD, at Tokyo Smoke.

Eunbi Cosmic Eggy


Each of these small ceramic eggs has been handmade by artist Eunbi Choi, which means they're all slightly different. And, in addition to being adorable, they're also perfect little stash boxes, for your equally perfect little stash.

$75, at Eunbi.

Miwak Junior Sajama pipe


Paraphernalia has truly come a long way. The ugly-ass hippie pipes of the early 00s are no longer your only option as a dignified stoner; now, there are beautiful instruments like this Miwak Junior number just waiting to get you nice and toasty, or just class up a shelf in your bedroom.

$85, at Miwak Junior.

Old Pal Provisions brass mini lighter case


Everything from Old Pal Provisions seems to hit the right combo of retro and timeless, and that goes for simple accessories like this brass lighter case. That Bic in your pocket might be the 4th out of a gas station 5-pack, but it doesn't have to look like it.

$7.20 (on sale), at Old Pal Provisions.

Lord Jones CBD body lotion


Lord Jones has no shortage of high-class CBD-infused products, but its ultra-moisturizing body lotions are tops. Every pump of lotion is infused with 2 mg of full-spectrum CBD, and the light grapefruit fragrance means that when someone asks "What kind of lotion are you wearing?" you'll take it as a compliment.

$60 for 100 ml, at Lord Jones.

Summerland Fruit Fantasy pipe


Remember Joey Prince, that kid who taught you how to make a bong out of an apple? He's an insurance guy now, coaches under-9s soccer on Saturdays, and hasn't smoked since Kid A came out. You'll think about him when you slide Summerland's ceramic apple pipe out of its box, but just for a second.

$85, at Summerland.

Tetra abalone lighter cover


These handmade Tetra abalone lighter covers will definitely get some attention. That's super if you're trying to make an impression, less super if you light up while you're committing a minor crime.

$50, at Tetra.

Alfred x Sundae School Electric Blue Loose Leaf Tea


LA's eternally trendy Alfred Tea Room has launched a limited-edition collab with smokewear brand Sundae School—and that alone should be enough. Their Electric Blue loose leaf is a combo of butterfly pea flower and jasmine tea, and yeah, every cup is the color of a Dodgers snapback.

$18, at Sundae School.

Tetra duo pipe

tetra duo pipe.jpg

These gorgeous glass one-hitters are a little bit Miami Vice, a little bit space age. We love the look, and are even bigger fans of itty bitty pipes you can tuck away to bring on a camping trip, puff while on a hike, or hopefully (someday) sneak into a music festival. Remember those?

$50, at Tetra.

Sundae School jade ceramic mask chain


As we all know, smoking a lot of cannabis can make one a little bit forgetful. None of us expected to end this year with a small stack of surprisingly expensive face masks, but here we are. This jade ceramic mask chain is a better idea than trying to remember where you left one, and deciding whether or not it's worth going back out to find it.

$16 (on sale), at Sundae School.

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