The 2020 MUNCHIES Holiday Gift Guide Is Here

The 2020 MUNCHIES Holiday Gift Guide Is Here

November 27, 2020 Off By Munchies Staff

What was 2020? So much happened in the news, and yet for the past eight months, our social schedules were barren—aside from vigorous hand-washing, generalized anxiety, and dystopian Zoom birthday parties, of course. It feels like eons since we've been to a live show, stuffed ourselves with Sour Patch Kids at a movie theater, gone bowling, or squeezed into a bar booth with all of our friends. Instead, we've doomscrolled until our brains turned into mush, scarfed infinity bowls of pasta, and watched The Sopranos from start to finish two and a half times. What a weird, long Groundhog Day it's been. 

So, uh, what will 2021 look like? While no one's really sure, it feels safe to say that we will still be doing a lot of cooking and dining at home—and it sure would be nice to make some upgrades and reinvigorate our time in the kitchen. That's why we scoured the interwebs far and wide to find the best food gifts for everyone, from super-cool kitchen tools to pantry stuff to merch from our favorite restaurants coast to coast. We even found a grip of super-unique presents—i.e., velvet smoking slippers embroidered with club sandwiches, scratch-and-sniff wallpaper, and a mortadella pool float—for those friends who seem to have everything. And, since we're MUNCHIES, we've got this year's best weed gifts covered, too, since there are a lot of people finding themselves with ample couch time during quarantine. 

We’ve put together five gift guides full of stuff we'd absolutely love to receive ourselves, from leather oven mitts to a hoodie repping Brooklyn's best pizza spot. We hope you love perusing and shopping from the MUNCHIES Holiday Gift Guides as much as we loved putting them together.

Kitchen Tools


From leather oven mitts to the mandoline that will make your salads 1,000,000x better, these picks will majorly upgrade your home cooking experience.

Check out the guide here.

Edible (and Drinkable) Gifts


We made sure to include our absolute favorite seltzer (which you can buy by the case), a new brand of chile crisp that we’re obsessed with, and a vegan version of Nutella that’s laced with CBD.

Check out the guide here.



The number of cool new weed products out there these days is truly staggering. We found wonderfully aesthetic pipes, powerful CBD lotion, and lighter cases that are sure to garner compliments. We’d love to find any and every piece of paraphernalia in here sticking out of our stockings.

Check out the guide here.

Restaurant Merch


We would give anything to dig into a Reuben at Katz’s next to its photo-covered walls, or idle away an evening drinking natural wine and eating mouth-scorching Thai food at Night + Market. But the next best thing is grabbing a piece of merch from these iconic eateries, for yourself or your friends. Local restaurants need our support more than ever!

Check out the guide here.

Next-Level Gifts for True Food Freaks Only


We all have that friend who is so food-obsessed that they feel impossible to shop for; you’ve got to get them something that pays homage to their gustatory obsessions, but it feels like they already have every fancy knife and jarred confection that you could ever imagine. For these weirdos, we recommend bringing out the big guns—a clam linguine-emblazoned cabana shirt, for instance, or a beautifully detailed burrito Christmas ornament. When it came to scouting the amazingly unique and the uniquely amazing, we think we killed it on this one.

Check out the guide here.

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