‘Booksmart’ Looks Like a Hilarious Female ‘Superbad’ Revamp in This New Trailer

‘Booksmart’ Looks Like a Hilarious Female ‘Superbad’ Revamp in This New Trailer

March 11, 2019 Off By Taylor Hosking

It looks like Jonah Hill's sister, Beanie Feldstein, could be taking up the mantle of high school nerd-gone-wild comedy—and showing you don't need a bunch of bros making dick jokes or whatever to do it justice.

On Monday, we got our first good look at Booksmart, Olivia Wilde's new movie about two straightedge girls—Molly (Feldstein) and Amy (Kaitlyn Dever)—who realize rules are for suckers when they find out they made it into the same colleges as the kids who partied all throughout high school. They decide to make up for it by going ham right before graduation—and, judging by Booksmart's trailer and a few rave reviews, the thing looks just about as stellar as Superbad.

The premise of the movie, executive produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, is basically the same as Superbad’s: Even though Molly and Amy know they’re (quietly) rad as hell, no one else at school has a clue. Their attempt to change that looks equally off the rails as Seth and Evan's, somehow involving speeding in cool cars, accidentally macing themselves, getting arrested, and, uh, maybe robbing a pizza delivery guy in masks made out of bras?

Only this time, the classic movie formula has a distinctly feminine twist—a contrast to the bro humor that didn't age all that well in earlier hits. This is Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut, and the women starring are giving us a taste of what nerdy, female overachievers actually look like today. Molly's room is decked out with photos of Michelle Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the classic pep talk about getting girls—basically a requisite in movies like this—shows up when Molly tells Amy about all the scissoring she’ll do in college: “Don’t knock it till you try it.”

It's too early to say for sure, but when the movie hits theaters in May—with fresh leading faces and powerhouse supporting roles from Lisa Kudrow to Jason Sudeikis—it should be pretty killer. We're here for it.

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