A Bench at the End of Your Bed Will Solve All Your Problems

August 28, 2023 Off By Becca Blasdel

When you hear the words “the dreaded chair,” you likely know just what chair we mean. It’s the most misused chair in your house, the one in your bedroom that was ostensibly placed in a corner to serve as “seating” but instead has become a landing pad for anything that can’t make it onto a hanger or into the dresser—the not quite dirty, but not exactly clean enough to go back in the drawers. With clothes piled high on its seat and back, it’s in an eternal state of in-between.  Unless you have a walk-in closet, the pile grows and wanes on that chair that hasn’t been sat in since the day you bought it, or on the top of your dresser, or just straight up on the floor. 

To prevent this clutter from happening to you, there’s actually a simple solution: We highly suggest copping an end-of-bed storage bench. Hot date shows up 15 minutes early? Shove all that mess in the bench at the foot of your bed and close the lid. Voilá—you instantly look like you’re on top of your shit. An end-of-bed bench is a great styling hack for making your bedroom look a little bit more sophisticated—just look at any AD home tour. 

Another way a bench at the end of the bed can change your life is as a spot to organize your extra pillows and blankets (a version with hidden storage is particularly useful for stashing sex pillows). You really don’t have to spend a lot of money on a bench for the bedroom (but you can, if you want to) to ground the space and provide a perfect hiding spot for stray throws and clothes, a place to sit and tie your shoes, or a zone to gently nudge the dog onto when they’re taking up the entire bed. These are a few of our favorite end-of-bed benches, in a big mix of styles and prices.

Storage benches

Wooden benches 

Upholstered benches 

Welcome to your new adult bedroom.

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