Listen Up Kings, We’re Drinking Maple Water Now

May 24, 2023 Off By Becca Blasdel

Oh great—another kind of water we’ve never heard of. Now that we have coconut water, CBD water, adaptogenic water, hydration tablets, and every kind of sparkling beverage imaginable, why not go ahead and introduce a new one? This one comes from trees—maple to be exact. Because if you’re still drinking plain-ass H2O, you need to rejoin us in the 21st century—we’ve evolved. 

Yes, kings. We are now drinking tree water (probably because we’re running out of things to milk). If you’re sitting there, arms outstretched, head to the sky, shouting, “Why god, why!?,” we get it. We’re on the same team. 

But what is maple water exactly? While you’re probably thinking it’s the amber goo you bathe your pancake breakfast plate in, you’d be mistaken. While it is literally the pure sap from maple trees (aka: the same stuff they boil down to make maple syrup), it takes 40 gallons of maple water to make a single gallon of maple syrup. Instead of turning that sap into syrup, Drink Simple barely touches that maple sap—aside from sterilizing it “to kill off yeast and pathogens”—before it’s ready to drink. This means all of the minerals, polyphenols, and antioxidants remain behind, so you can reap all the deep-hydration, anti-aging benefits of nature’s Gatorade. While we can’t see what’s wrong with regular water, we’re also intrigued by Drink Simple's promise of “a slightly sweet, faintly woodsy taste” (whatever that means). In all fairness, we DGAF what it tastes like if it’s going to heal our bodies, fuel our workouts, and possibly ease the pain of hangovers. 

If you’re wondering how we even got here, you might be shocked to learn that according to the Boston Globe, “North American explorers dubbed maple water as ‘the wholesomest drink in the world’ more than 300 years ago.” According to the brand, maple water has a ton of health benefits, which have been backed by a bunch of different studies. Take one, conducted by The Cleveland Clinic, which deemed that maple water is “loaded with electrolytes,” which makes it great for replenishing what you’ve lost post-workout (or post-weekend-long bender).  

Those replenishing benefits haven’t just made maple water a drink that rivals coconut water, it’s part of the reason why it’s found a cult following among triathletes. In fact, Drink Simple’s co-founders are both triathletes that first discovered this quote-unquote miracle elixir at the Ironman Mont-Tremblant triathlon, after being “continually disappointed by drinks that were either loaded with sugar, faux-healthy sweeteners, or devoid of taste.” After one sip, they set out to deliver natural, organic maple water for those searching for an extra boost of hydration without any lab-created ingredients or wacky flavors. 

Screw it. We’re ordering a case before our next rager and praying that the power of maple is enough to combat a hangover in our mid-30s. Maybe “woody” is the flavor profile our hydration was missing all along.

Maple Water is available at Drink Simply.

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