This Week’s Coolest Drops, From 4/20 Accessories to Diptyque Candles

April 21, 2023 Off By Becca Blasdel

Welcome, my still-faded fam to a special “we’re still high” post-4/20 version of this week’s hottest drops. Naturally, this week offered up a ton of rad weed-adjacent collections and smoking accessories, but it also delivered an insane Love is Blind reunion, a slew of exciting new menswear collaborations, and the warm weather we’ve all been praying for. Take a big hit, and ask yourself if you’re mentally (yes) and physically (time to start manscaping) prepared for the first beach day of the season, because it's gonna be May, and we’re riding a blissed-out wave of weed smoke all the way into summer.

Last week was nothing short of hyphy—with a limited-edition Monopoly set inspired by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a very cottagecore collaboration between Alex Mill and Blank Supply featuring reworked vintage quilts, and a candle that might help you survive Mercury retrograde. This week we’re basking in a post-4/20 glow with high-minded (get it?) beachwear from Tombolo, new smoking accessories from Vessel and Edie Parker Flower, and the relaunch of Diptyque's much-loved city candle collection—just to name a few. So puff, puff, pass that freshly cleaned bong to your bestie and let’s do it to it.

Tombolo wants you to get high by the beach

Like Lana, we just wanna get high by the beach, and there’s no better way to do it than in a steezy cannabis cabana set from our favorite Italian-summer-inspired brand Tombolo. A terry cloth set is the perfect cover-up for hitting the pool, the beach, or the bodega on a humid day.

We wish they made this Pot-Pourri when we were in high school

Speaking of yesterday’s 4/20 festivities, your abode might be one of many that reeks of dank smoke (which we all know isn’t the best aroma after the high wears off). If you’re tired of your house constantly smelling like the inside of a bong, the geniuses at Poo-Pourri have launched a Pot-Pourri candle and odor-eliminating spray called High Hopes, for when you begin to regret hotboxing your entire living room. It’s got a natural clove and lemon scent that cuts through smoke and actually eliminates—rather than just covering up—nasty smells.

Edie Parker is throwing a pot party

It’s a celebration, duh! Flower by Edie Parker never ceases to dazzle and delight us, and the brand’s newest 4/20 launch is basically a birthday party for pot. With blown-glass balloon pipes and one-hitters that resemble birthday candles, the party will not stop until you’re out of ganja. On top of the new collection, the brand’s 4/20 sale is still happening (yes, even after the holiday), with up to 60% off sale items, and 20% off full-priced items with the code FOUR20.

Vessel’s new high-tech Helix pipe

If you’re sick of breaking glass and ceramic pipes because you’re unbelievably clumsy (me), avoid the problem entirely and get a really good buzz from Vessel’s new Helix pipe. The brand’s “patent-pending double helix insert filters out impurities, delivering smooth, satisfying hits every time.” It also makes it incredibly easy to clean, as the three pieces of the pipe, made from anodized aluminum and non-toxic brass, come apart entirely.

Diptyque relaunches its city candle collection

Candle-obsessives are in luck, because this week (and this week only) Diptyque re-launched its City Candle collection—which are typically only available in the specific candle’s respective namesake destination. The latest addition to the series is a new scent inspired by Seoul, Korea. The candle “draws inspiration from the modern architecture of the city that forms a stunning backdrop for the bucolic blossoming of hibiscus flowers, a symbol of South Korea,” which melds the subtle woody notes of hibiscus with jasmine and incense. If all this leaves you craving to add a new candle to your collection, you’re in luck: You won't have to fly to Korea to pick this candle up, but it will only be in stores and online until April 26.

SKIMS swim is back and Barbie-fied

Just in time for swimsuit season, Skims has launched its swim shop featuring a ton of previously-sold-out bikinis, one pieces, and cover-ups in two new shades—#Barbiecore pink and pastel blue, just in time to meme yourself into a Barbie ahead of the movie release.

Where have all the cowboys gone

Nothing screams “giddyup, cowboy” more than a collaboration between the OG of Western wear, Woolrich, and yeehaw-centric artist Matt McCormick, founder of One of These Days. Excuse us while we go pretend that we're home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play.

[Cough, cough] Have a super fun weed-kend… ha, we mean weekend!

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