This Week’s Coolest Drops, From Dr. Martens to Palm Angels x Barbour

April 6, 2023 Off By Becca Blasdel

Unfortunately it’s still drizzling in New York at VICE HQ—so while we’re physically bundled up, mentally we’re grinding on a stranger on a beach in Jamaica for MTV’s Spring Break ‘98. Nothing says “fun in the sun” quite like Carmen Electra screaming into a microphone. While we’re still lugging around umbrellas, we’re manifesting positive vibes and rising temps by shopping for all of the things we can’t wait to whip out once the sun decides to show the hell up.   

Last week, we geared up for lurk season (aka fuccboi season) with a sick collaboration between New Balance and Parks Project that makes us want to book a ticket to Yellowstone ASAP; scooped some very hyphy checkerboard towels for the pool or bath from Brooklinen; and got our rocks off with Fun Factory’s vibrant new spring-colored wand vibrators. This week it’s on like Donkey Kong with a ton of exciting launches and collabs, like A$AP Rocky’s design collaboration with Gufram for 1stDibs; a floating cabana bar, for turning your next BBQ up to 11; incredibly sophisticated outdoor furniture from Neighbor; and Easter egg-hued Barbour Jackets made in collaboration with Palm Angels. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some nice aperitivo while you wait for spring. 

A$AP Rocky x Gufram

In case you hadn’t heard, Daddy (a.k.a A$AP Rocky) recently launched his own design studio, HOMMEMADE, and it’s blasting into the design stratosphere with a wavy limited-edition collaboration with Italian design firm Gufram, available exclusively on 1stDibs. There are 99 miniature Shroom CACTUS pieces available, which are a modern reinterpretation of Gufram's historical piece by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello from 1972. For those really into design (or whatever A$AP Rocky touches) only nine editions of the full-sized version are available. Grab a piece of design history before it’s too late. 

That mop is smiling at me

Nothing incentivizes us to clean like aesthetic cleaning products. If it ain’t cute, we don’t want it—so you can imagine how audibly we gasped when we laid our eyes upon the most hype mop we’ve ever seen. Staff makes boring household items fun, from toilet brushes to turkey basters, and its latest collaboration with Clorox also makes us actually want to clean, against all odds. A rainbow acrylic mop topped with a friendly guy (who is giving major Plank vibes) wearing a tiny rubber bowler hat? Slay. The three colors represent the three scents of Clorox’s Scentiva Disinfecting Wet Mopping Cloths that clip right into the base for quick ‘n easy mopping. 

Spring has sprung with Palm Angels x Barbour 

Well chaps, it’s time to swap out your fall Barbour jacket for the limited-edition candy-colored Palm Angels Bedale Wax Jacket. It's giving Peeps, it’s giving hi-vis construction worker, it’s giving… well, spring. This unisex collection remixes the timeless English country style into stylish streetwear, just in time for the season’s signature rain storms.

Those viral Doc Martens mules are now available in the US

Finally, the shoe gods answered our prayers for the perfect transitional shoe—a Doc clog. The Carlson mule went completely viral across the pond, the only place it was available to cop… until now. Thankfully, Zappos secured the bag, and you can score a pair of these perfect mules from now until April 29. Seriously, once they’re gone, who knows if they’ll ever come back, so don’t hesitate fam. 

Caviar bumps 4 lyfe

Cocaine is so 1975; in 2023 we’re doing bumps of caviar only. This pivot isn’t necessarily saving us any major cash, but the long-term sinus health benefits are priceless. Regardless, we shall be rocking this sick dad hat adorned with our favorite food trend of the year until we run out of funds for Sevruga. 

A swim-up bar for cheap

If you tell us your lifelong dream isn’t to have a pool with a swim-up bar, we’d call you a liar. Now you can live out that fantasy without the massive commitment (and price tag) via this inflatable floating cabana bar from Funboy. With a big fringe awning for keeping drinks and snacks cool, two beverage pits ready to be filled with ice, and four cup holders, you won’t have to get out of the pool until you are fully raisin—cheers. 

Oribe finally debuts a line of scalp-care products

If you haven’t heard, we’re taking care of our scalps now. The solution to tons of hair issues (dandruff, greasy strands) starts at the root (ba-dum-tss). We couldn’t be more intrigued that one of our favorite luxury hair care brands is now getting into the scalp-health game. Oribe just launched the Serene Scalp oil control collection, featuring shampoo, treatment mist, and dry shampoo all targeted towards giving your noggin some serious relief. 

Neighbor launches the Terra collection

Whether you’re working with a hilltop oasis or a run-down concrete “yard” in Bushwick, nothing spruces up an outdoor space like really chic furniture. Neighbor just launched its Terra collection designed to embody the vibes at an upscale beach club. Now you can cosplay having a Soho House membership without the yearly commitment, hoards of drunk influencers, or surge-pricing Uber home.

Catch you on the flippity flip, Jobin!

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