Snag 20% Off Some of Brooklinen’s Greatest Hits for Sleep Week

March 16, 2023 Off By Adam Rothbarth

Listen: I’m going to keep it brief, because time is running out; and if this sounds like an advertisement, that’s hard to avoid, because we literally love Brooklinen. It’s Sleep Week, people, and the great irony here is that things are moving quickly. Brooklinen, one of the most elegant and dependable home and bedding brands in the game, has a 20% off sale that ends tonight at midnight. So stop reading this introduction (which should be easy, because I’m about to stop writing it) and peep some of our picks for ways to save those buckaroos so you can put ‘em towards that new mattress, noise machine, or beautiful pillow you’ve been wanting.

A GOAT-level down comforter

Brooklinen’s down comforter is simply bangin’. Both my bed and my guest bed sport this comfy masterpiece—it’s a cozy AF, hypoallergenic, perfect-temp-achieving monster that’ll help you find dank sleep all year ‘round.

Anybody would become a freak for these sheets

The Luxe Hardcore sheet bundle features a silky 480 thread count on its sheets; and if you get this bundle that includes pillowcases and a duvet cover, you can score 25% off (BEFORE Sleep Week savings! WTF!). It has almost 90,000 killer reviews, so don’t listen to me—just click on through to the other side. Or, if you’re only looking for sheets, Brooklinen’s Classic Core set, which features a 270 thread count wave and 100% long staple cotton, is a handsome and hella comfortable option. Feeling super fancy? Grab a cashmere blend sheet set—one of our editors’ faves—at a bargain.

The hug that keeps on giving

Need a hug? Well, we probably can’t help you with that (unless you’re an incredible stalker)… but we can point you towards this weighted throw blanket, which is 12 pounds of pure love and comes in four gorgeous colorways.

It costs almost nothing to block out everything

People seem to love Brooklinen’s silk eye mask. It’s got amazing reviews from over 650 people, which is saying a lot, because that means they liked the mask so much that they took it off to write about it.

Snag these bedroom upgrades and more from Brooklinen’s Sleep Week sale here.

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