The Full Cold Moon: December’s Full Moon in Gemini

December 2, 2022 Off By Annabel Gat

During the Full Cold Moon of 2022, which takes place on December 7, the sun in Sagittarius opposes the moon in Gemini, which means discussions may come to a climax and information may come to light, and with this full moon joining Mars retrograde in Gemini, quite a bit of closure may take place!

What is the Cold Moon?

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, December’s full moon is named the Full Cold Moon due to the dropping temperature. This full moon is also sometimes called the Long Night’s Moon because as we approach the winter equinox the nights get longer and longer, and this full moon is situated above the horizon for a longer stretch of time.

What does the full moon in Gemini represent?

The sun in Sagittarius can find us spread thin: We’re taking on every adventure, engaging in every conversation, and juggling a lot at once. Sagittarius is often referred to as a “jack of all trades,” and during the Sagittarius season, each of us may be putting multiple skills to use. Our social calendars may be especially hectic, too, what with this being the holiday season. The full moon in Gemini can be the climax point for conversations that have been brewing during this busy period, and it may also be an important turning point in regards to figuring out where we want to put our focus and energy. We can only deal with so many details at once, and the full moon in Gemini may help us prioritize things. The Gemini full moon may reveal which details are key for us to hone in on and which can be discarded. Sagittarius season is all about more, more, more, but the Gemini full moon inspires an atmosphere of consolidation.

Confrontation and collaboration can be themes for any full moon, but these considerations can be especially pertinent during a Gemini full moon, as there is such a focus on communication, clarity, and understanding. This could be a powerful time for finding common ground, making sense of a complicated situation, and generally getting points across. Feeling understood is something we all desire, and this full moon may bring some release in that regard. Being “in the loop” and feeling “in the know” also brings a sense of safety, and the full moon in Gemini may find us receiving the information we need to express ourselves.

What’s special about this year's full moon in Gemini?

The moon and Mars retrograde are both at 16 degrees Gemini. When two planets are at the same degree of the same zodiac sign, astrologers refer to that as a conjunction, and they can symbolize new beginnings. A new beginning between the moon and Mars can look like a fresh approach to managing emotions (which are ruled by the moon) regarding passion, anger, and motivation (all themes associated with Mars). Because Mars is retrograde, we may be working with these themes in a more intense, focused way, and with the resolutions that full moons can bring, a profound sense of release or of being cut free from limiting arrangements may arrive. We may be letting go of anger or engaging with it more productively as we gain clarity and insight into ourselves. The truth about what drives us may be revealed. Of course, if the moon is sitting with a planet during a full moon, that means the sun is opposing it. The following day, December 8, 2022, the sun makes an exact opposition with Mars retrograde. Oppositions can signal a release, and long-standing frustrations may be confronted and dealt with. This is a powerful time for letting go.

The moon and Mars are trine Saturn in Aquarius, while the sun is sextile Saturn. Both the trine and the sextile are helpful alignments, symbolizing connection and ease. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and maturity, which bodes well for us taking patient, measured approaches to the situations that may arise during this full moon. Rules, standards, and expectations may be discussed… and achieved! We may be proving our leadership abilities or witnessing the strength of a commitment.

Mercury in Capricorn separates from a conjunction with Venus in Sagittarius, inspiring a fun, flirtatious mood, with Venus finding us valuing freedom and spontaneity, while Mercury encourages clear, grounded communication. Mercury and Venus are also in the mix with squares to Neptune and Jupiter, both in Pisces—squares symbolize tension, often an action is taken place, and between logical Mercury and sweet Venus, squares to whimsical Neptune and adventurous Jupiter could mean making leaps of faith. Neptune and Jupiter are two planets that can lean toward exaggeration, whimsy, assumption, and even paranoia on a bad day. These tendencies may be put in check by the clarity full moon, and Mercury and Venus’s connection with Jupiter and Neptune may add a dash of flattery, of buttering up, to discussions that may take place.

The sun in Sagittarius is famous for its big ideas, its love of travel, and its desire to learn and spread information. But whether we’re planning travel itineraries or we’re reading or editing books, fine details cannot be overlooked, and that’s exactly what the full moon in Gemini invites us to do: Get clear on the details so the big picture plan can succeed!