Weekly Horoscope: June 20 – 26

June 19, 2022 Off By Randon Rosenbohm

It’s easy to communicate big ideas as Mercury, the planet of communication, connects with Jupiter, the planet of philosophy, on Monday, June 20, at 3:43 AM. Research and studies are done with grace and ease. This aspect also has positive implications for communicating across linguistic or cultural barriers.

Pleasure planet Venus harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of secrets, at 4:23 AM on Tuesday, June 21: Intimacy is taken to new depths as off-limit feelings are embraced. Trust in kindness. Big feelings are soothed. Tuesday is also the summer solstice and the sun enters Cancer at 5:13 AM. Cancer season is about experiencing a full range of emotion, replenishing, and making sure that you have everything you need.

On Wednesday, June 22, Venus enters Gemini, where it enjoys socializing and experiencing a variety of expressions of love. In the coming weeks, Venus is in a chatty, friendly, and flirtatious mood. Venus in Gemini is curious about others, and likes to survey or interview people.

All times ET.

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Aries glyph


You’re learning about your outlook on life as Mercury, the planet of the mind, connects with Jupiter, the planet of philosophy. This is helpful for picking up a new skill or learning about something that interests you. The planet of love, Venus, harmonizes with power planet Pluto, which can bring up mega, deep feelings around how love is expressed. Trust and intimacy can grow through communication. The summer solstice lights up your chart’s house of home and family, which can bring a longing for things that are familiar and comfortable. Your memory may be stronger over the coming weeks, reminding you of your distant past and giving you a compassionate edge.

Taurus glyphs


You’re seeing your place in the world as your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with power planet Pluto. You can feel at peace knowing that you are part of something greater, or maybe it’s sending you into a momentary state of existential ennui. This can find you tapping into some very sacred feelings, and letting the world know who you are. The sun moves into your chart’s house of communication, bringing you mental fortitude. You can string words together stylishly. You’re able to express your own truth and do some journaling and researching. Your planetary ruler Venus enters your chart’s house of money and resources, which can help you do bookkeeping with grace and ease. Some colorful folders might do the trick.

Gemini glyph


There is a sense of limitless possibilities and hope for the future as your planetary ruler Mercury connects with optimistic Jupiter. This sky gives you a more thorough and holistic understanding of your goals and dreams. It’s a powerful time for you to connect with people who have resources and social connections. You ought to reach out to those who can make your ideas come to life. As the sun moves into a financial sector of your chart, you gain more awareness of your possessions over the coming weeks, whether that’s your time, energy, or money. The planet of harmony and beauty, Venus, enters your sign, gracing you with charm and chill.

Cancer glyph


Your intuition is heightened as the planet of the mind, Mercury, moves through a secretive sector of your chart, giving you a strong hunch about things (but you can’t quite say why). Mercury connects with Jupiter, offering lessons on freedom and authority. You can feel successful as a volunteer. You’re gaining a better understanding of your values through your relationships as love planet Venus harmonizes with power planet Pluto. Find compassion and good graces even in the presence of something that makes you cringe. The sun enters your sign, Cancer, bringing more awareness of who you are and how you can live up to your ideal vision of yourself.

Leo glyph


There are big feelings about your work and legacy as Venus, the planet of values, harmonizes with power planet Pluto. This can make you more effortlessly magnetic and powerful in your field, but it can also unearth some deep emotions about what you are working for, and what the end goal is. Maybe you’re feeling extra sensitive about your job and what you’re making of your life. Your planetary ruler, the sun, has moved one sign closer to yours…it’s the summer and we are four weeks from Leo season! I’m sure you already know what you’re doing for your birthday. But for now, it’s time to relax backstage, call your people, and wait for the show to begin.

Virgo glyph


You’re asking questions about what other people can offer as your planetary ruler Mercury connects with generous Jupiter. They can probably offer you plenty, if you can step into your power and ask! The opportunity is there, you just need to say the word. The sun enters your chart’s house of hopes and dreams, bringing you awareness and clarity around your goals. This is a time to connect with your friends and extended community. If you want to know the right way to phrase your intentions—how to ask for big favors, or a raise, a scholarship, or a loan—you can always find someone in your community or online who is an authority on the topic.

Libra glyph


Conversations with your partners and other relations are truly next level. Maybe you should record some of it. The planet of communication, Mercury, connects with philosophical Jupiter, teaching you about what other people think and believe. This can only give you a better understanding of the world and your own beliefs, too. Your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with power planet Pluto, helping you overcome any deep-seated feelings with grace and dignity. The sun moves into your chart’s career sector, bringing a sense of fame and greatness. You can be seen from far away. Your planetary ruler Venus enters fellow air sign Gemini, putting you in the mood to explore new territories, both intellectual and geographical.

Scorpio glyph


Relationships are getting to the next level effortlessly as love planet Venus harmonizes with power planet Pluto. If you feel safe and trusting, you can connect with others on a deeply intimate and sublime level. If you are sensing deeper issues in others that are connected to your own patterns and loops, it can bring up some dirty laundry for you to work through. The sun enters fellow water sign Cancer, shifting your attention to worlds and lives far away from yours. This is a studious, worldly moment when you are curious about knowing what’s out there. This can also be a very spiritual time in your life as you think more about your beliefs, not just morally or politically, but existentially.

Sagittarius glyph


You’re making other people laugh and lightening up the mood as your planetary ruler Jupiter gently connects with messenger Mercury. Conversations have a lightheartedness to them that allows you to get your point across smoothly. Intimacy and trust become highlighted as the sun moves into your chart’s house of shared resources. This can also bring some order to your finances and (sorry to mention it) taxes. On an emotional level, you’re able to offer and request healing in a way that is deeply transformative, and working in a sincerely collaborative manner can get you far. The planet of love and harmony, Venus, enters your chart’s house of relationships, beginning conversations about your values in partnerships. The vibes in your love and social life are improving.

Capricorn glyph


You’re getting into a harmonious flow, and finding your routines running smoothly, as busy Mercury connects with optimistic Jupiter, teaching you about communicating your tasks and making plenty of space and time for yourself. It’s now easier for you to take a minute to think and recalibrate. It’s more possible to keep plans open-ended and leave room for silliness. Sensual Venus harmonizes with Pluto, uprooting deep emotions about intimacy and the role you play in your social and dating life. There is a deep excavation of your feelings around pleasure and letting yourself have nice things. The sun enters your chart’s house of relationships, bringing you emotional awareness and clarity about interpersonal dynamics.

Aquarius glyphs


There is a deeper understanding of your desires as love planet Venus harmonizes with psychological Pluto, uprooting deep emotions. You can take a step back and see how things have played out in your relationships, since childhood, from a bird’s eye perspective. There can be some mental digging involved. Everyone’s family relationships affect them on a psychological level to some extent, but you might be exploring the deeper truth in family psychology and how it affects your values and desires. The sun enters your chart’s house of work and routine, bringing your gaze to job and health related tasks. You’re going to be figuring out just what your lifestyle needs in order for you to feel strong, healthy, and energized.

Pisces glyph


You’re learning more about your family and home as Mercury, the planet of the mind, connects with your planetary ruler Jupiter. You can take a step back and see what is the most important thing for you to invest yourself in. You can easily ask a roommate or family member to share with or assist you. The sun enters fellow water sign Cancer, beginning one of the most fun times of the year for Pisces! This is a period when you are thinking more about fun, pleasure, and friendships. The coming weeks are good for bringing people together for dates, game nights, or crafting. You can even decorate your space accordingly. Pleasure planet Venus enters your chart’s house of home, bringing beauty and harmony to your domestic life.