Russian Ops in Ukraine (June 16, 2022): West Sends Arms, Russia Still Gaining Ground

June 18, 2022 Off By Land Destroyer
June 18, 2022 (The New Atlas) - Update for Russian Military Operations in Ukraine for June 16, 2022.

  • Russian forces continue to gain ground in the Donbas; 
  • Russia also gains ground outside Kharkov; 
  • Western media covers up Ukrainian shelling of civilian targets in Donetsk; 
  • The flood of Western weapons continues, but limitations are manifesting themselves; 
  • Harpoon anti-ship missiles will take months to deploy; 
  • 18 more M777 howitzers will not even replace Ukrainian combat losses to date; 
  • HIMARS/M270s will be deployed with insufficiently trained crews without support of a proper combined arms operation making them vulnerable; 
  • Latest US delivery of 155mm rounds is less than Russia fires in a day;