ManCrates Are the Perfect Last-Min Father’s Day Gift—and They’re 20% Off RN

June 14, 2022 Off By Becca Blasdel

Alright, knuckleheads, so you left Father's Day shopping to the very last minute. It’s OK, we’ve all done it, and will continue to do so until we have an organized significant other or robot butler to gently remind us… and even then, who’s to say, really? No worries, mate—you’re in luck, because not only is the every-type-of-dad gift emporium Man Crates having a sale, they’re also throwing in free jerky hearts with every purchase. Yes, you read that right: I said FREE JERKY HEARTS with every purchase over $149, plus 20% off sitewide until June 19 (Father’s Day)—all you have to do is pop in the promo code LOVEDAD20 or POP20 (both work!).

Man Crates’ whole thing is gift boxes for, well, men, from whiskey accessories to home brewing kits. There are truly endless gift options for all of the fathers and fatherly figures in your life. Whether he’s a boomer who still writes paper checks, a midnight toker, or a big gabagool-lovin’ goombah, you’ll be able to find something he’ll love on Man Crates, and just in the nick of time.

For the Dad who likes to experiment in the kitchen

The Hibachi Grill Crate is ideal for the old man that never turns off Chopped, loves to spend hours using his applewood smoker in the backyard, and plans every trip around food. A Hibachi set is just the right level of difficulty for offering Pops a nice challenge without him blowing a fuse from having to read too many directions. The kit includes a flat-top griddle, stainless steel tools, a squeeze bottle for creating Benihana-volcanoes at home, and a few key ingredients like hibachi sauce and jasmine rice.

If the only way you bond with Pop is over drinks

Some families are drinking families, and others, well, I don’t really know what they do honestly… pray? If your dad is a whiskey connoisseur, he will delight in opening up the Whiskey Appreciation Crate packed with a personalized decanter and glasses, spherical ice molds, slate coasters, and a journal for keeping track of his fave whiskies. Not to mention, he’ll get some gourmet snacks to munch on with his drinking buddies.

If he’s more of a beer aficionado, Man Crates makes a stellar home brewing kit, that left one happy reviewer rejoicing. “We brewed the smash batch and drank it as soon as it was ready. We were so eager to do another round we found a local home brew to try new recipes and we have turned home brewing into a family hobby,” they wrote.

First golf, then father’s day

If he’s anything like mine, there is nothing Daddio enjoys more than a quiet Sunday afternoon filled with low-decibel clapping, long-range shots of the fairway, and an Arnold-Palmer spiked with a splash of rum. Liven up his commercial breaks and assist with his putting game by giving him a bi-directional putting mat with different cups and obstacles to improve his swing.

Don’t forget about Dad. He loves you, and he taught you how to ride a bike! Hopefully, he shares that jerky heart with you, sport.

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