Jeff Bezos Wants You to Know He’s ‘Working Hard on His Ass’

May 18, 2022 Off By Jordan Pearson

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the world's second-richest man, is getting in some practice tweeting more like the world's first-richest man. 

Bezos replied to an aggressively centrist political tweet by Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus (who is frequently found engaging with said first-richest-man-in-the-world and irrepressible shitposter Elon Musk) on Wednesday and said: "Seen you refer to yourself as a sh*tposter but maybe you’re mostly just a wiseposter."

Then, a user with 22 followers replied to Bezos, saying, "Can you invite Billy and I onto your yacht with Lauren.. I’m trying to see that fine piece of ass in person." 

"Thank you," Bezos replied. "I’ve been working hard on my ass."

bezos tweet
Screengrab: Twitter

Mental image of Bezos' posterior aside, the exchange is somewhat notable for being part of Musk's playbook. Musk—who runs SpaceX, the so far more successful and mature private space industry competitor to Bezos' Blue Origin—is of course well known for making ill-advised shitposts on Twitter and engaging with randoms. He also regularly engages with Billy Markus in particular due to his frequent Dogeposting. 

Perhaps Bezos, bored by retirement from his position as CEO of Amazon, really has rededicated his life to the temple of derrière, but perhaps he is merely sh*tposting. Perhaps, either way, he's merely trying to gain some of the pop culture celebrity status that Musk enjoys but has so far eluded Bezos.