The Coolest New Stuff That Dropped This Week, From Neon Art to Simpsons Streetwear

October 15, 2021 Off By Rec Room Staff

Welcome back to our weekly whirlwind of all the bangin'-est brand-new drops to grace our wild, wild world. Last week, we saw Guess return to its Anna Nicole Smith-worshipping roots, mid-century masterminds and Marimekko team up with Adidas for perfectly patterned athleisure wear, among other shiny new things.

This week, we see Deadhead kitchen accessories, Lisa Simpson walking the Balenciaga runway, and artist/producer Arca making futuristic aviators with Ray-Ban. It's a wacky week for drops and collabs, and we're all about it. Read on, pick up what looks good, and march forth into the autumn breeze.

Balenciaga x The Simpsons

We like that Balenciaga is kind of the weird internet troll of the luxury designer world, from their IKEA-inspired tote bag to their apocalyptic runway shows. As they continue to up the ante, they've pulled the Simpsons into the creative maelstrom, not only launching an entire animated catwalk presentation but also releasing this line of Simpsons swag featuring Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and all the rest. Is it cheap? No. (It’s Balenciaga!) But it’s instantly iconic, and definitely goes in the collab hall of fame.

Grateful Dead x Hedley & Bennett

Us? Mad at how sk8r boi culture has weirdly become obsessed with the Grateful Dead? Nah. We, too, get down with spinning American Beauty while we light up some Dad Grass. In fact, we're downright delighted by cult-fave kitchen-wear brand Hedley & Bennett's new dancing-bear-emblazoned aprons, which are the perfect gift for the Deadhead in your life who also doubles as the barbecue stepdad and the DIY sourdough bread master.

Arca x Ray-Ban Studios

Electronic musician Arca is known for her solo work and production for Björk, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and FKA Twigs, but this time she takes her avant-garde sensibilities to Ray-Ban's classic aviators. Only 55 pairs are being released online in each style, so make sure to grab yours and wear them to brunch in Bushwick after staying up all night.

Otherland's seasonal Gilded Collection

We don't want to sound, like, cheugy or anything, but even our cynical, atheist asses cannot resist the allure of cozy-weather scented candles. We're not going to run out and buy a bunch of Yankee pumpkin spice jawns or anything, but we can get down with Otherland's annual collection of seasonal scents, which always sells out, and this year includes Old Fashioned ("plum brandy, worn leather, dried fruit") and Sacred Dusk ("palo santo, crimson incense, cypress bark"). No nutmeg here, just stuff to make chilling at home in the cold weather a little more romantic (and the easiest gift idea ever).

Great Jones x Stagg x Fellow

Those Fellow Stagg EKG gooseneck kettles have become nothing short of a status symbol, and the same could be said for the colorful sheet pans and cookware from Great Jones, so it makes sense that all the brands teamed up and made this broccoli-green electric kettle that will become the essential conversation piece of your kitchen counter.

Yellowpop x Keith Haring

OK, so Keith Haring's pop art has shown up everywhere the last few years, from bongs to Abercrombie shirts. But we've gotta say, we're feeling this collab with Yellowpop, the online store for affordable neon art. We'll take the classic Haring barking dog or the Twisted Man in our effortlessly chic loft apartment, and the LOVE sign in the photobooth of our (currently hypothetical) wedding, because c'mon, that's sweet.

BRB, shuffling off into the October night to see who has the gnarliest Halloween decorations. Catch ya next week!

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.