Korean Badminton Group Complains About Chinese Olympian’s Frequent Swearing

August 5, 2021 Off By Junhyup Kwon

South Korea’s badminton association is complaining about a Chinese Olympic silver medalist who repeatedly shouted “fuck” in Mandarin Chinese during a match between the two teams.

The Korea Badminton Association is seeking to file a complaint to the World Badminton Federation against the Chinese player’s behavior in a doubles match against South Korean players. 

The complaint, to be sent to the badminton governing body shortly, is aimed at discouraging swearing in future events, a spokesperson at the association told VICE World News on Thursday. The group said it had no intention to change the result of the match.

Chinese badminton player Chen Qingchen, 24, was heard swearing aloud throughout a women’s doubles match between China and South Korea on July 27. 

She was heard shouting “cao,” the equivalent of “fuck” in Mandarin Chinese, often after scoring. Chen apologized for her “mispronunciation” after the match, without saying what she had intended to say instead.

According to the Badminton World Federation’s Code of Conduct, players shall not use “words commonly known and understood in any language to be profane or indecent and uttered clearly and loudly enough to be heard by the umpire or spectators.”

Chen and her partner Jia Yifang defeated the South Korean pair Kim So-yeong and Kong Hee-yong. The Chinese pair won a silver medal on Monday after losing the final to Indonesia.

Chen’s swearing went viral in China and amused many fans at home. Some internet users were also delighted to hear Chinese people swearing at Koreans in public due to longstanding political tensions and recent cultural spats between the countries.