We Take A Deep Dive Into Your Questions On Waypoint Radio

We Take A Deep Dive Into Your Questions On Waypoint Radio

October 18, 2019 Off By Ricardo Contreras

We’ve got a real bucket-full of questions from our listeners this week, but first! Austin has been playing more Card of Darkness, and is starting to see stacks everywhere he goes. Cado dipped back into Life is Strange 2, and found a surprising look at the complex backgrounds that make up Latinidad. Patrick has been running his mind through the gravity-bending Manifold Garden. Then, we answer your questions, from pizza preferences to fantasy archetypes, we'll answer 'em all! You can read an excerpt and listen to the full episode below.

Austin: I actually think that you are like a sword and board warrior. I think–

Patrick: My thought was like "Yo, I want to be in that Tavern getting fucked"

[there's a solid two second pause here]

Patrick: "up."

[Cado instantly dies from laughter]

Austin: Huh.

Cado [off mic]: God damn it!

Austin: Huh. You know?

Cado: I was about to say something and then!

Austin: Patrick I'm going to let you live your life.

Patrick: It came out and then I was like –

Austin: It sure did!

Cado: YEP!

Patrick: that's not what I meant! I guess it can fit the character but–

Austin: It could fit the character! Uh-huh!

Patrick that's not what I meant!

Austin: No, listen, I'm not here to fuckin' judge!

Patrick: I meant just like someone at the table,

Cado: Uh huh!

Patrick: big thing of mead and just–

Austin: Getting fucked, got it!

Patrick: Gulp, gulp.

Austin: Gulp! I think that's accurate. The thing that I was going to say is you enjoy life's simple pleasures, but you're reliable. You do the day-to-day like grindwork, you know what I mean? Like, why I'm thinking like just a warrior. You got a shield, you fucking take the hits, you deal it out, you know, it's not flashy–

Patrick: Nothing fancy! What do you need me to do? I gotta kill that thing? Got it!

Austin: Got it!

Patrick: See you at the tavern!

Discussed: Card of Darkness 10:16, Life is Strange 2 16:45, Manifold Garden 26:10, Luigi's Mansion 3 36:00, Question Bucket 46:22

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