How To Recruit Dedue in ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’

How To Recruit Dedue in ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’

August 13, 2019 Off By Ricardo Contreras

You can't.

That was my sad realization on this episode of Waypoint Radio. All those shared moments together, the cooking, the meals, what were they all for if I can never really be besties with Dedue? You can hear my heart break in real time on the full episode and read a excerpt below.

Austin: What's up with Fire Emblem right now?

Cado: I'm really mad.

Austin: Oh boy.

Danielle: Oh no.

Cadp: I spent all this time and effort really trying to be a good friend to Dedue.

Austin: Oh boy. Bruh, Dedue's a retainer my guy.

Cado: I fucking didn't know that!

Austin: You can never recruit retainers.


Austin: Also wait, what do you mean you were trying to be a good friend? You literally can't do anything with them?

Cado: No, you can invite him to meals and shit!

Austin: Yeah of course, but when you go up to talk to them there's not even a menu.

Cado [increasingly upset]: I didn't realize that the menu was [gone]! I don't know what I did! I don't know how many months I'm fucking into this game, and every time I go [into the monastery] I've been inviting him to cook 'cause I know he likes to cook. I did it the first [month] and realized "Oh! He likes this? That's sick! Let's cook!" We cook every meal together! We have, agggGGHH!

Austin: Cado.

Cado [walking away from his mic]: GOD!

Danielle: Awwwww!

Cado [dejected]: I just wanted him to be on my team.

Austin: No.

Rob: Love to get catfished by my JRPG tactics game.


Cado: I could have sworn the first time I talked to everyone I saw a recruit button [for Dedue] at some point, somewhere, sometime?

Austin: The retainers can't [be recruited].

Cado: gaahhhhhh!

Rob: Let me tell you about a little class called the Blue Lions.


Austin: Yeah if you wanna be Dedue's friend so bad.

Cado: God damn it!

Rob: It is worth it! It is a journey worth taking, I think it's easily the best part of this playthrough. The Dedue dynamic with everyone else is really good. Being Dedue's friend is good times. I think it single handedly justifies playing the game. I ain't played everything but it seemed safe to say that it is the best thing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. And if you can't be Dedue's friend, really you should probably just start over and blow away all that progress.

Cado: Yeah, I think I'm just gonna hit the reset button.

Austin: Cado,

Rob: 'Cause progress towards what? Just the sucking void that is Claude?

Austin: Cado. Cado! You're good, is what I'm going to tell you. You're good.

Cado: Alright, I figured!

Austin: Don't worry about it. I will say I left this game, despite going Golden Deer, feeling strongly about Dedue.

Cado: Good

Austin: Dedue seems dope.

Cado: Great

Austin: That's the title of my Op-ed "Dedue Seems Dope." Not gonna talk about spoilers, not gonna talk about what happens, but I am going to just say Dedue seems dope. "Dedue Get's His Due"

Danielle: Good!

Austin: In the Golden Deer storyline.

Cado: Hah! Yeah!

Austin: He does, he gets his due, 100%

Transcript edited for clarity and brevity.

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