We Built Our Gaming Dream Teams, and Donkey Kong Got Cut

We Built Our Gaming Dream Teams, and Donkey Kong Got Cut

July 12, 2019 Off By Ricardo Contreras

Intellectual property law is messy. Whether it's movies, books, TV, or games, franchises tend to stay with the same companies for decades, much longer than older copyright laws would've allowed for. But what if once a year, every piece of gaming IP was up for grabs, and platform holders had to draft their lineup for the next year?

Well, two community members (@RevRyeBread and @regresssion on twitter) decided to write a short fantasy draft game based on that question! Tune in as Austin, Patrick, Rob, and Cado choose their platforms and vie to fill out their rosters with the best gaming franchises. There’s drama, tension, and lots of dubious math! (And, uh, stick around after the game as Austin and Cado do a nearly frame by frame breakdown of the new Gundam Battle: GUNPLA WARFARE trailer.) you can hear the full episode and read an excerpt below:

Austin: Do we have to think about if a game is actually coming out this year? Or do we just assume it's coming out this year?

Rob: In the next year, like before the draft next summer.

Austin: Then I'm also drafting Starfield.

Patrick: Wow, ok.

Rob: That's not bad, that's a powerful move.

Austin: That game could be anything!

Patrick: Wow, that seems like that should cost more than five.

Austin: It does seem like that!

Rob: It's a rookie! They should all cost more Patrick! That's how drafts work! You don't pay these kids their market value!

Patrick: I know, but-!

Austin: They're getting fucked!

Patrick: But Bethesda Softworks isn't!

Austin: They're gonna break their leg!

Patrick: I feel like the draft we'll tweak for the future should be like actual first things from a studio that you're taking a gamble on.

Austin: Oooh, that's good!

Rob: That would break the game because this industry keeps getting more and more conservative and there would not be enough compelling options on these lists to seed it.

Austin: That's true!

Played: bit.ly/videogamedraft

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