Rihanna’s Latest Instagrams Prove We’ll Buy Whatever She’s Selling

Rihanna’s Latest Instagrams Prove We’ll Buy Whatever She’s Selling

May 28, 2019 Off By Taylor Hosking

Rihanna has outdone everyone's social media game with four viral tweets and Instagram posts from a preview event for the Paris opening of Fenty's pop-up store. In a series of stunning photos published Monday, Rihanna teased looks presumably from the collection ahead of Wednesday’s Fenty site launch, offering barely any info aside from the occasional “@Fenty” caption. So we decided to do the public service of reading into her photos and extracting lessons like the true gift that they are.

The first lesson: Tiny sunglasses are over. The trend was great while it lasted (have you thrown shade while wearing actual shades? No? Because it’s incredible.) But according to Ri-Ri that fad ended [checks Instagram] yesterday.

Next up: Did you recently get your nails done for summer? Pink? Red? Aqua? The summer color is now lime green, actually. But don't worry, because Rihanna has graciously answered our follow-up questions about what to wear it with lime green nails. Muted earth tones...apparently.

Rihanna’s photos also teach us what it means to be fashion-ready for any occasion. Is a shoulder-height flower bouquet threatening to distract from your look in a picture? Not today, Satan. Are you posing next to a gold sign for the brand that you took over the fashion industry with? Fenty looks shine bright too. Or maybe your lifestyle is a little different from Rihanna’s. Maybe you've been trying to make medieval jousting reenactments cool again and need a jean corset to give the movement a boost. Fenty can make big things happen for many causes.

But the best lesson Rih hath bestowed is that there are no rules to fashion, only a boss vibe that sells it. Apparently you don't even need to wear any clothes at all to advertise them. A little ice and your own Fenty lipstick will do the trick.

A Rih ethos sells itself. The vibe is camp without being too camp. It's transcendent. It's that guy who killed a mountain lion with his bare hands. It's a fantastical realm where Megan Thee Stallion and Pam Grier make a Bad Boyz spin off. It's knowing Drake spent over $100 million on a private jet and Rihanna still won't have his babies because she's Rihanna, goddamnit.

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