A Parrot Got Detained for Yelling ‘Police’ to Warn Its Owners About a Drug Raid

A Parrot Got Detained for Yelling ‘Police’ to Warn Its Owners About a Drug Raid

April 25, 2019 Off By River Donaghey

Police in Brazil took an alleged drug dealer's pet parrot into custody this week after the bird spotted cops preparing to raid his house and screamed at his owners to watch out, the Guardian reports.

The loyal bird reportedly cawed "Mama, police!" in Portuguese as cops were preparing to raid the home of two suspected crack dealers in Vila Irmã Dulce, a neighborhood in northeast Brazil.

"He must have been trained for this,” one of the cops told Brazilian media afterward, according to the Guardian. "As soon as the police got close he started shouting."

Unfortunately for the feathered lookout, his warning wasn't enough to save his owners: The police managed to nab the alleged drug dealers even without the element of surprise. They reportedly arrested an unnamed man and a teenage girl, and seized bundles of crack from the home, the Washington Post reports.

The cops brought the parrot back to the station, but so far, the bird is keeping his beak shut around police. A vet named Alexandre Clark told a local Brazilian journalist that police have been unable to get him to repeat the warnings he shrieked out during the raid—or squawk anything at all.

"Lots of police officers have come by and he’s said nothing," Clark said, according to the Guardian.

Apparently, the cops got tired of trying to wring some salient information from the uncooperative bird, so they turned him over to a nearby zoo, where he'll presumably get to do normal bird shit and not have to spend his days cawing about drug busts anymore. We respect your loyalty, though, buddy. Enjoy your new and better life away from the drug trade.

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