Man Arrested For Laundering Money After Literally Laundering Money

Man Arrested For Laundering Money After Literally Laundering Money

November 23, 2018 Off By Mack Lamoureux

A man in the Netherlands is in some hot water after police found almost half a million in cold hard cash in uhhh… a laundry machine and he was thusly arrested on “suspicion of money laundering”

On Monday, police in West Amsterdam said they found €350,000 stuffed hard in a laundry machine as they were checking homes for squatters as the residence they were checking was supposed to be empty. When they checked they found a man, some firearms, and a washing machine full of stacks.

“The police confiscated several mobiles, a money counting machine and a firearm,” reads a translated copy of the police report. “A 24-year-old suspect—at that time present in the home—is arrested on suspicion of money laundering.”

The name of the man who was literally laundering cash hasn’t been released as per Dutch privacy rules.

Now, typically money laundering involves hiding the origins of where some cash came from—this can be done through a variety of means: real estate, small businesses, strip clubs, you name it. However, the one thing that isn’t typically done is the literal laundering of money.

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