Month: August 2015

August 31, 2015 0

How the US Can Stop ISIS Without Setting Foot in Syria

By News Desk

AP’s June 2015 report, " Kurds move to cut off ISIS supply lines in Syria ," would state: Syrian Kurdish fighters closed in on the outskirts of a strategic Islamic State of Iraq and Syria-held town on the Turkish border Sunday, Kurdish officials and an activist group said, potentially cutting off a key supply line for the extremists’ nearby de facto capital.    Taking Tal Abyad, some 50 miles from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) stronghold of Raqqa, would mean the group wouldn’t have a direct route to bring in new foreign militants or supplies. The Kurdish advance, coming under the cover of intense U.S.-led coalition airstrikes in the area, also would link their two fronts and put even more pressure on Raqqa as Iraqi forces struggle to contain the group in their country. And while US airstrikes are credited for Kurdish advances against ISIS, one wonders why the US, whose military including a US airbase at Incirlik, Turkey and US special forces as well as the CIA are operating along and across the Syrian border in Turkey – hasn’t done more to interdict ISIS supply lines before they reach Syria and awaiting terrorists.

August 30, 2015 0

Cost of PUTs on Shanghai Index Hits Record vs. Calls; Sentiment vs. Valuation

By News Desk

This Bloomberg headline " If the Options Market Is Right, China’s Stock Rescue Is Doomed " reads like something one would find in a tabloid, but the reverse is now true. Options traders have never been so pessimistic on China’s stock market, betting the government’s renewed effort to prop up share prices is doomed to fail. The cost of bearish contracts on the China 50 exchange-traded fund surged to the highest level versus bullish ones since they started trading in Shanghai six months ago

August 29, 2015 0

Dear Bishop Hill: read your links. Also, take a look at this graph.

By News Desk

And Stern 2015 : …Professor Stern, the chair of the Grantham research institute on climate change and the environment, said that it was a false dichotomy to posit growth against climate action. “To portray them as in conflict is to misunderstand economic development and the opportunities that we now have to move to the low-carbon economy,†he said. “To pretend otherwise is diversionary and indeed creates an ‘artificial horse race’ which can cause real damage to the prospects for agreement.†Green parties in Europe have often argued that decarbonisation requires an end to the model of economic growth “at all costsâ€