Month: December 2012

December 30, 2012 0


By News Desk

Sandy Whether Sandy was caused by, made worse by, had nothing to do with climate change is one of those questions that can sell a lot of beer and be the subject of seminars, posters and blogs without end.  Eli is actually not going to take a position on that, or rather reserves the right to be all over the place on the issue. However, it is one of the choices in the Bunny Poll and a few words are in order, so let the first few come from Greg Laden , the keeper of the list who put it at Number 1: Note that the first few of the links below are to blog posts written by concerned climate scientists, whom the climate change denialists call “alarmists.†You will note that these scientists and writers were saying alarming things as the storm approached. You will also note that what actually happened when Sandy struck was much worse than any of these “alarmists†predicted in one way or another, in some cases, in several ways.